Grass Roots in Power

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GRASS ROOTS IN [terconnected for] POWER

G.R.I.P. is an initiative aimed at facilitating coordination among grassroots groups, local self-help organizations, worker-owned businesses and cooperatives, and self-sustaining local communities. We talk to each other!

G.R.I.P.’s aim is to boost ongoing communication and exchange between and among the groups in order to increase political independence and economic self-reliance among these like-minded groups, and boost the overall welfare of participants. We fight for your rights, and ours!

What is our mission?

  • To connect grassroots groups to take back power over their lives and communities.

G.R.I.P. seeks to do this by acting as an information exchange and communications facilitator through the “market board” feature of this website as well as through personal interaction, other web-based databanks and use groups, and any other methods that come to hand. We help make the connections you imagine, want and need!

G.R.I.P. explicitly refuses to take any power whatsoever or wield coordinating leverage for itself or its facilitators. It does seek to raise consciousness, among participating groups, of the possibility of wresting control over all our lives by gaining increased independence, through the medium of small, self-sustaining groups, from mainstream power structures. Our goal is to give power back to the people in the form of the kind of small groups that do all the work anyway!

What is our vision?

  • A self-sustaining network of local grassroots groups that will gain increasing independence from large corporations and government bureaucracies

While remaining totally open to any and all grassroots groups that seek to enhance the independence and welfare of local communities, G.R.I.P. explicitly endorses the ideals of seeking as much political independence as possible at the level of small community groups through self-sustaining, locally-based models of housing, employment, commerce, transportation, education, arts, and the securing of basic necessities such as food, water, education and health care. If we can work, live, and achieve happiness through our community group with the help of other, similar groups, we can worry less about a power structure that either exploits or ignores us anyway!

Some of the founding ideas behind G.R.I.P. can be found on these websites:

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